Rock ‘n Roll & Blues Heritage Musuem – Clarksdale, Mississippi

'n Roll & Blues Heritage Musuem - Clarksdale, Mississippi.jpgRock ‘n Roll & Blues Heritage Museum – Clarksdale, Mississippi

Have you heard of Bessie Smith and Blind Lemon Jefferson and the other blues singers of the 1950’s?  At this museum there are 78 RPM’s of these great blues singers on display.

There are also early Rock ‘n Roll artifacts from the likes of Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Little Richand and of course, Elvis.  Don’t miss those of Buddy Holly, Bo Diddly and others that are there.

The 1960’s are represented by the Beach Boys, Beatles, Rolling Stones, "British Invasion", Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeplin, Jefferson Airplane and more.

There are displays of juke boxes, antique gramophones, radios and scores of concert and movie posters all over for you to view.

There are 6 rooms in the museum consisting of approximately 3,000 square feet of display area. 

You can see the fabulous artwork that was done on the covers of the albums, autographs, photos, 45 and 78 RPM records and acetates, guitars autographed by Chuck Berry and B.B. King (who is STILL performing around the country), there are magazines, news articles, concert tickets along with many other treasures you will enjoy seeing.

The city and the museum host a Juke Joint Festival every year where you can join in on the fun of a small town fair with a blues festival celebration.  It aims to educate and enlighten native Deltans and blues tourists alike through a series of performances, exhibits, and presentations involving music, art, storytelling, film, and children’s events.

In May of 2009 there will be the 3rd annual Clarksdale Caravan Music Festival. August 7-9, 2009 will have the Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival. There is also the Tennessee William Festival annually telling the story of Tennessee Williams and his influence on writers and actors of today.

The Hambone Art & Music Festival runs for 4 days and is filled with activity.  Join in on the jam session on Thursday night, the dinner party on Friday and the street party on Saturday with entertainment for everyone.  Contact MaryChillout@hamboneartgallery for more information.

Hours: Friday and Saturday – 11am to 5pm
Thursday and Sunday by appointment (48 hour advanced confirmation required)

Note: For bus tours and groups, please contact us at 901-605-8662 at least 1 week in advance to make an appointment for visits on any day during the week or Sunday.

Admission: $5 per person

Location: 113 E. Second St., Clarksville, Mississippi 38614

Phone    901.605.8662



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  1. sweet paulie t

    just want to thank you folks for the fun we had saturday day at your caravan festival. to bad the crowd wasnt bigger but hey you play for whoever shows.. thanks again just me sweet paulie t on the hammond b3 / little bobby and the storm